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Welcome news for Scilly lifeline link

Posted on: 28th October 2021

Great news for the lifeline Scillies link. Finally restoring £48 million of the £67 million I secured to deliver resilience on that route nearly twenty years ago. Congratulations to all involved. I understand the Steamship Co. approves of the plans and the design of the proposed new ferry. Full steam ahead

COP26 must not be a COP-out

Posted on: 26th October 2021

We must hope the COP26 Conference is an improvement on the G7 and produces more substance than photo opportunities. After all, when the mask slips, environmental concerns are dismissed by PM Johnson as “newt counting” and by previous PM Cameron as “Green cr*p”. Local MPs voted 15 times against measures to combat climate change, abolished […]

The Budget – Little left to say

Posted on: 26th October 2021

The Budget was once a big Parliamentary event. Full of revelations, crowd-pleasers and intrigue. However, in the modern political world – managed by public relations consultants and performed according to market relation ‘grids’ – the Budget is leaked to feed the daily media headlines long before the event itself. This in the hope of creating […]

Conservatives caught in U-bend on sewage

Posted on: 24th October 2021

Conservative MPs found themselves up to their necks in controversy. This over plans to water-down previous EU environmental regulations to prevent raw sewage discharges. A few Government MPs made much of their voting against their Party. But, even they trotted out a defence of the Government line. Government ministers eventually caved-in and ostensibly accepted that […]

Conservatives to sack a tenth of staff

Posted on: 24th October 2021

While all eyes are on The UK Budget Statement, at the less glamourous end of politics, the new Conservative-run Cornwall Council announced plans to sack one in ten of its Council staff. This to apparently save around a tenth of the £200 million annual wage bill. Last year the Conservatives wanted to be seen clapping […]

Cornwall’s Covid memorial?

Posted on: 12th October 2021

Cornwall should establish a community memorial for the families who’ve lost loved ones Covid. Similar extended tablets and cenotaphs have been created in other regions with a heart or similar emblem recording each person lost during this devastating era. Preferably an accessible location in the centre of one of our major towns where we can […]

Front-line Lions led by Donkeys

Posted on: 11th October 2021

Our NHS staff and community volunteers received richly deserved acclamation this week in a cross-Party Commons report for its magnificent handling of the vaccine roll-out across the UK. However, the same report – chaired as it was by senior Conservatives – castigated the Conservative Government for causing excessive death in one of the UK’s “worst […]

“Led by the science”?

Posted on: 7th October 2021

This week a local MP – not himself exactly a recognised epidemiologist – poopooed Chief Medical Officers’ advice. The top scientists had recommended that 12-15 year olds should be offered the vaccine. But our local MP was confident he knew better when he proclaimed, “I do not think this is as clear cut as they […]

Labouring the point

Posted on: 30th September 2021

I don’t wish to throw petrol onto the flames of the debate about the cause of our current labour shortages. Crops unharvested, fuel undelivered, care not-provided, food unprocessed, flowers unpicked, dining rooms unwaited, and even livestock unslaughtered. Couple this with rising gas and CO2 prices. And the gentle dismissal of UK efforts to secure favourable […]

Second homers rewarded while locals in need suffer

Posted on: 24th September 2021

So, the Conservative handed £104 million of Cornwall’s Covid aid to second home owners who don’t live in Cornwall. They admitted this at County Hall last week. And this at a time when our housing emergency got much worse – new rentals shrank by 45% and rents up by 15% in the last year. This […]