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Andrew George

Promoting the Politics of Courage

Farming & Fishing

Understandable industry concerns about fishing rights were shamelessly used to peddle Brexit ideals. We were promised that leaving the EU would give us more control over our quotas and our fishing waters.

The fishing industry has, frankly, been put on the slab with Johnson’s proposed deal. It leaves the industry vulnerable, as we will have less say in how fishing waters are managed.

Any MP who votes in favour of Johnson’s Brexit deal will be selling out our fishing industry. Andrew will support the fishing communities in his constituency by rejecting this betrayal.

Agriculture remains Cornwall’s biggest industry. Andrew supports the Rural Powerhouse, which aims to support Cornwall’s farmers. Its missions include subsidies for sustainable farming, access to broadband, and improved apprenticeship schemes.

Andrew has supported local farmers by leading the campaign to establish a supermarket watchdog, the Groceries Code Adjudicator. This has powers to scrutinise, expose and fine supermarkets that break fair trade rules when dealing with small suppliers, protecting Cornwall’s farmers and growers.

Andrew will ensure that Cornwall’s vital food-producing industries will have a strong and clear voice in Westminster.