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Andrew George

Promoting the Politics of Courage


Drawn into politics by his commitment to fight for a fairer world, Cornishman Andrew George says his mission has always been to “speak for the silent voices” and to make sure west Cornwall is heard in Westminster. He was a very effective Liberal Democrat MP for west Cornwall & Scilly 1997 -2015. Came just 312 votes behind the Conservative last time in this very marginal constituency.

Campaigns: To save West Cornwall Hospital, St Michael’s and Helston Hospitals; and against the Conservatives’ closure of Edward Hain Hospital in 2016. To secure investment – EU Objective One status, for space science at Goonhilly, Train Care Centre at Long Rock, for new-build Penwith and Helston Colleges. Led campaigns to cut tax subsidies for second homes and against the Conservative’s ‘bedroom tax’; also led on safe staffing in hospitals, for the official recognition of the Cornish language and Cornish people, for fair funding for Cornwall, for a supermarket watchdog to protect suppliers, for badger vaccination, and much more.

Background: Born and brought up in Mullion with seven brothers and sisters, his teacher/musician mother, and horticulturist/businessman father. Schooled at local state schools, studied at Sussex and Oxford Universities. Worked in farming, housing, charity, environmental projects, research, and writing before elected as the first Liberal Democrat MP for this constituency for 70 years in 1997. Since 2015 works as Chief Exec of successful trust focussed on affordable homes for locals and as a researcher and writer.

Interests: Used to play football and rugby (including for the House of Commons) and still plays league cricket, and runs, walks, and gardens. Volunteers for Penzance Street Food Project and for Cornwall Wildlife Trust, amongst others.

Publications: Cornwall at the Crossroads (with Bernard Deacon and Ron Perry), The Alternative (with Caroline Lucas MP, Lisa Nandy MP and others), A view from the bottom left-hand corner, The natives are revolting down in the Cornwall theme park, A Vision of Cornwall, and others.

Cornish people of all political colours say Andrew’s dedicated, hard-working and cares for his constituents. He notably stands by his pledge to “put the best interests of Cornwall above party loyalty”.