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“Dog whistle” politics comes back to bite Theresa May.

Posted on: 26th April 2018

“Dog whistle” politics is when a politician seeks to carefully use words which artfully imply something it would be outrageous to say outright. The Conservatives admitted using this technique since their notorious “are you thinking what I’m thinking” poster campaign in the 2005 General Election So we shouldn’t be surprised to discover how the Conservative […]

Conservatives more concerned with how they look than in how our NHS is struggling under their mishandled supervision…

Posted on: 24th April 2018

So Jeremy Hunt has written to just fellow Conservative MPs to ask what he should do to make him and his Party look less bad. This after all of those years of distain towards and mismanagement of our NHS. Jeremy Hunt wants to drape himself in an NHS which is a thousand times more popular […]

The Government not our hospital staff should be in ‘special measures’

Posted on: 6th April 2018

    Once again, Government hospital inspectors criticise hard-working NHS staff for… the failures of Government. Today CQC Hospital inspectors have again slated Cornwall’s main Hospital. But most of it comes down to underfunding and under staffing. Culture of bullying A quote from the husband of one of the hospital’s registered nurses on the Cornwall […]

George urges Prime Minister to deploy RFA Argus to Gaza

Posted on: 8th August 2014

West Cornwall MP, Andrew George, has stepped up his campaign for the Government to send the Royal Navy hospital ship RFA Argus to Gaza. Mr George has now written to the Prime Minister, David Cameron, to call for the immediate deployment of the Falmouth based RFA Argus to support the humanitarian effort in Gaza. Mr […]

Syria – all they are saying is: “Give war a chance!”

Posted on: 5th September 2013

So, the Government’s strategy of dragging MPs back a couple of days early in an attempt to bounce Parliament into agreeing to military strikes on Syria backfired. It has left the leadership licking its wounds and refusing to countenance any further action! I voted against the Government not because – as my critics claim – […]

David Cameron: Coalition is working well together

Posted on: 10th May 2011

From the London Evening Standard, May 10th 2011 “The Government escaped a damaging rebellion in a Labour-called vote against the health shake-up but saw its majority cut to 53, with several Liberal Democrat MPs deliberately staying away. One, backbenche Andrew George, registered a deliberate abstention after suggesting there was so much wrong with the legislation […]

Lib Dem rebel piles in over NHS privatisation

Posted on: 9th May 2011

From the Morning Star, May 9th 2011 “West Cornwall MP Andrew George declared that the Bill should be “stopped rather than paused. The Lib Dem added: “Saving the NHS is more important than saving a few egos in the coalition.” Mr George said the Bill was destined to fail because it undermined the NHS ethos […]

Andrew George: Why we Lib Dems should be opposing NHS reforms

Posted on: 12th March 2011

From The Independent, 12th March 2011. Last year I described the Government’s Health White Paper as “an avoidable train crash”. Since then, with the Health Bill published and GP commissioning consortia rolling out, I admit I was wrong. It will be far worse. The resulting carnage of a dismembered and disintegrated health service will provide […]

MPs warn George Osborne not to plunge disabled into poverty

Posted on: 13th September 2010

From the London Evening Standard, 13th September 2011. Liberal Democrat and Tory MPs today warned George Osborne against plunging more disabled people into poverty with benefit cuts. The Chancellor faced the threat of a joint Lib-Con revolt if he seeks to slash billions of pounds off welfare payments to individuals with physical impairments and learning […]

‘There’s no money left’: Government fights MPs’ challenge to VAT rise

Posted on: 13th July 2010

From the London Evening Standard, July 13th 2011. His comments at question time came ahead of a cross-party challenge to the Government’s plan to raise VAT from January. Liberal Democrat Andrew George, MP for St Ives, is spearheading an attempt backed by four party colleagues to peg the rise to just 0.5% – from 17.5% […]