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Colin and Andrew

Conservative MPs should apologise to Cornish Council Tax payers

Posted on: 11th February 2019

Cornwall’s Conservative MPs should apologise to Council Tax Payers for consistently voting to cut Council funding. That’s what Liberal Democrat Councillor Colin Martin and former MP Andrew George are pressing for before Council Tax bills hit local people’s mats next month. Andrew said, “Cornwall’s Conservative MPs voted to cut Cornwall’s funding again last week. Cornwall […]

Conservative MP will apologise for voting to increase poverty?

Posted on: 31st January 2019

Credit to Conservative MP Heidi Allen. She appears to speak out against her own Government’s policies which have done so much to create a big rise in poverty and homelessness.   Conservative MPs (including all our local MPs) have consistently voted to: cut working tax credit, slash support for the sick and disabled, reduced housing […]

Migrant nurse surcharge hike – ‘morally bankrupt’, says RCN

Posted on: 31st December 2018

The Royal College of Nursing (RCN) has warned that the fee for using NHS for nurses from outside the European Economic Area will double to £400 from tomorrow (Jan 2019). This will discourage nurse recruitment at exactly the time the NHS needs them most. RCN acting general secretary Dame Donna Kinnair: ‘These fees can tear […]

Welcome Cameron back …to honour pledge on Cornwall’s Stadium

Posted on: 5th November 2018

Local Liberal Democrat candidate and campaigner, Andrew George, said David Cameron should be welcomed back into front line politics if that’s what he wants. But his first job should be to honour his promise to Cornwall regarding funding for the Stadium. In the lead-up to the 2015 General Election when he was wanting local votes […]

Tory MP’s froth & wind won’t stop PO closures

Posted on: 25th October 2018

Responding to a tory MP’s extraordinary claim of “fantastic” progress in his Post Office closure campaign, Liberal Democrat campaigner, Andrew George challenged him to reverse the massive number of closures which have happened on his watch. Mr George said, “It’s no coincidence that since 2015 there’s been an epidemic of Post Office closures here in […]

News Update

Posted on: 11th October 2018

I see that some Conservative MPs (perhaps found elsewhere on this page) make bold claims they’re fighting for local Post Offices which have closed or are threatened with closure. It’s like an arsonist returning to the scene with a leaky bucket of water, when the house is already well ablaze, but demanding that folk appreciate […]

News Update

Posted on: 27th September 2018

Of course we must respect the Brexiteers’ referendum victory. Those 17 million of the 66 million people in this country. Apparently “Brexit means Brexit” is as much of an explanation as we deserve. We must ignore the catastrophic impact. Pretend the humiliation of the Prime Minister at last week’s EU summit is merely proof she […]

News Update

Posted on: 13th September 2018

Spare a thought for the army of uncomplaining, unsung heroes. Those who are required to make sense of the chaos that is our Government’s management of Brexit. The ranks of stoical civil servants and the proprietors and staff of the thousands of businesses who have been working hard to decode the mantra-laden codswallop and cluelessness […]

News Update

Posted on: 30th August 2018

Prepare yourselves. It seems our Government is bound to drag us into a “No deal” Brexit. I rejected Brexit in 2016 because I didn’t believe our Country should lose control to those Conservatives who want turn the UK into a backward, narrow-minded, inward looking and intolerant island which reckons that international respect is won through […]

Defending to death Bozo’s right to bully

Posted on: 17th August 2018

“I disagree with what you say, but defend to death your right to make an ass of yourself”, said Oscar Wilde. It’s a fundamental British value to protect free speech. Which I’m afraid means we’re also obliged to even defend the right of privileged politicians who irresponsibly stoke prejudice by bullying the less privileged who […]