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Andrew George

Promoting the Politics of Courage

Housing & Homelessness

We’re all aware of the need for more and better housing in West Cornwall.  Andrew has worked tirelessly with a local charitable trust to create more affordable homes in the area.

Andrew has been a regular volunteer for Penzance Street Food Project in recent years. He knows how easy it is for people to fall beneath the safety net and end up homeless.

It is as stark as this: local people are on the streets, while second home and holiday home owners enjoy the Conservatives’ tax loopholes.

These loopholes amount to around £100 million in lost taxes in Cornwall: imagine what we could do with that money. While the other parties have finally agreed that the situation is unacceptable, only the Liberal Democrats have come up with schemes to limit second homes and to reverse the incentives which work against those in the greatest need.

Housing should be decent as well as affordable. Too many Cornish children are growing up in unacceptable conditions. Local Conservatives voted against the Fitness for Human Habitation Bill. All Liberal Democrat MPs supported it.

The planning and development system is fuelled by greed rather than by need. However, Andrew is confident that the current situation can be reversed; and he’ll campaign for more affordable, quality homes in West Cornwall.