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Andrew George

Promoting the Politics of Courage

Crime & Policing

Overstretched police forces, failing to rehabilitate offenders and cuts to youth services: no wonder the country has seen a rise in robberies and violent crimes.

Home Office cuts have resulted in 7,500 frontline officers and 2,800 community support officers being laid off since 2015 – can we honestly be surprised that crime has increased?

The Liberal Democrats will invest £1 billion in community policing – that’s two more officers for each ward. Andrew’s party is responding to the call for traditional community policing, where officers are visible, accessible and known.

The Conservatives have cut 40% from councils’ youth services budgets. Investing in social and youth services will help to prevent the growth of gang culture, violence and petty crime.

The prison system isn’t working. The Liberal Democrats will introduce 2,000 more prison officers, while overhauling non-custodial punishments. Custodial sentences should be for public protection, and there needs to be facility for dangerous criminals to be held until they pose no threat.

Current attempts at rehabilitation are failing: 48% of adults leaving prison are convicted of committing at least one new offence within a year. By offering employable skills and alternatives for the future, we can break the cycle of crime and reoffending.