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Statement on Trident renewal

Posted on: 28th January 2015

A number of constituents have asked me how I voted on Trident renewal last week (20/1/2015). I voted for the motion – “That this House believes that Trident should NOT be renewed” ( ). Both the Tories and Labour voted in favour of renewing Trident. I believe there are better ways of spending up to […]

“If we can lend treasures to hostile Russia then we can loan Parthenon Sculptures to our friends in their place of origin”

Posted on: 5th December 2014

British Museum accused of snubbing the Greeks The MP who chairs the British campaign for the return of the Parthenon Sculptures, Liberal Democrat Andrew George, criticised the British Museum for its decision to snub the Greek request for the return of the Sculptures and for lending them instead “to a country which has backed rebels […]

George urges Prime Minister to deploy RFA Argus to Gaza

Posted on: 8th August 2014

West Cornwall MP, Andrew George, has stepped up his campaign for the Government to send the Royal Navy hospital ship RFA Argus to Gaza. Mr George has now written to the Prime Minister, David Cameron, to call for the immediate deployment of the Falmouth based RFA Argus to support the humanitarian effort in Gaza. Mr […]

Send RFA Argus ship to Gaza – George

Posted on: 4th August 2014

West Cornwall MP, Andrew George, has urged the Government to send the Royal Navy hospital ship RFA Argus, currently based in Falmouth, to spearhead the humanitarian relief effort in Gaza. On Thursday, Mr George condemned Israel for “terrorising” the population in Gaza and wrote to the Prime Minister David Cameron to show international leadership in […]

Israeli “terrorists” must be stopped – George

Posted on: 31st July 2014

Local MP, Andrew George, has written to the Prime Minister urging the United Kingdom to show international leadership to condemn and face down the Israeli onslaught in Gaza. Mr George has described the Israeli Government’s military invasion of Gaza a “disproportionate act of cold blooded murder”.

Syria : Statement – Andrew George MP – 29th August 2013

Posted on: 11th September 2013

Whether today’s vote sanctioned UK military intervention in Syria – which is what the PM wanted – or softens up Parliament and paves the way to a subsequent sanction of military action I’m unpersuaded. No matter what I may think about the appalling Assad regime and the almost certainty that they have used chemical weapons […]

Syria – all they are saying is: “Give war a chance!”

Posted on: 5th September 2013

So, the Government’s strategy of dragging MPs back a couple of days early in an attempt to bounce Parliament into agreeing to military strikes on Syria backfired. It has left the leadership licking its wounds and refusing to countenance any further action! I voted against the Government not because – as my critics claim – […]