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Andrew George

Promoting the Politics of Hope

Andrew George

Promoting the Politics of Hope

The Conservatives may have successfully clung onto this seat at the last General Election with a narrow majority. But there’s a growing campaign team of people who will fight for those the Conservatives can never speak up for. The struggling majority, the inadequately housed, our NHS, our schools and colleges, small businesses and the self employed, those who care for our environment.

Andrew George has vowed “not to walk away”. You can join a growing campaign team. We’re determined to win this seat back at the next General Election, to make a big difference, to change the direction of this country for the better.

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Andrew GeorgeAndrew George - national campaigner, local campaigner, former MP.

Andrew describes his role - "Seeking out the silent voices. Standing up to bullies. Fighting for justice”

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Posted on: 19th June 2018

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Health Campaigners will gather in Pz Town Centre on 30th June

Posted on: 18th June 2018

Save our NHS campaigners including representatives from Keep our NHS Public, West Cornwall Heathwatch, 38 Degrees, local NHS and health professionals and health campaigners will gather in the centre of Penzance on the morning of Saturday 30th June. Cam …

Jenny Agutter gives strong backing to “Save our NHS” campaign

Posted on: 18th June 2018

Video-1 Internationally renowned actor and star of TV drama Call the Midwife, Jenny Agutter, has pledged her support for a cross-Party campaign to “Save our NHS”. This follows yesterday’s NHS funding announcement by the Prime Minister. The campaign gro …

Speaking Up

"As you know, we lost by the narrow margin of just 312 votes. I was asked by news reporters immediately afterwards “how disappointed” I felt. I explained that I wasn’t disappointed for myself, but for the people I hoped to speak up for and who deserved to have their voice heard in Parliament.

After all, in Cornwall alone the Conservative Party, which secured the support of just 35% of the Cornish electorate, nevertheless secured 100% of the seats, …100% of the voice.

The Conservatives primarily speak up for those who are already more than able to speak up for themselves: the wealthy, the landed, big business, the privileged, powerful media barons, those who believe the poor have only themselves to blame etc.

But who’ll speak for the poor, the poorly housed, our NHS, our schools, our public servants, our environment, refugees, for Britain to be an ambassador for peace and reconciliation in a wider world, or even for foxes who’d rather not be chased to their death just for the recreational fun?

Of course, even though a clear majority of voters in this constituency agree we must find a voice for the voiceless, unfortunately ‘ thers’ successfully campaigned to split the ‘progressive’ vote and so helped to gift this seat to the Conservatives.

We owe it to the voiceless to do all we can to stop that happening here next time. That’s why I’ve been working to seek cooperation between those on the centre/left of politics. I will continue that work. I hope you’ll join me.”

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