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Andrew George

Promoting the Politics of Courage

Andrew George

Promoting the
Politics of Courage

I’m running a positive campaign to restore decency and honesty to our politics. To build a brighter future. To combat those who want us to become more inward-looking, backward-looking, more self-absorbed. I’ll build a campaign for an outward-looking, forward-looking and compassionate country.

We’ve been misled by a privileged clique who’ve irresponsibly played on fears to stoke prejudice. We must get beyond the Brexit chaos they’ve dragged our country into. We must restore the things that matter for the sake of our children’s future – our NHS, our schools and the very sustainability of our planet.

Come and join a growing campaign team. We’re determined to win this seat back this time, to make the difference, to build a brighter future.

Many people say “you politicians are all the same”. That statement has never been more untrue. The choice here is stark:

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Andrew GeorgeAndrew George - Standing up for Cornwall

National campaigner, local campaigner, former MP.

Andrew describes his role - "Seeking out the silent voices. Standing up to bullies. Fighting for justice”

Liberal Democrats - Building a brighter future

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Second homes “crack-down” is just more empty spin.

Posted on: 9th May 2022

The Conservatives claim they’ll “crack-down” on second homers and “punish” them with double council tax. However, I regret that all they will do is the opposite. As more second homers will be encouraged to ‘flip’ their property investment from council …

Ukraine – we can do more

Posted on: 11th March 2022

Putin’s unleashing of the most violent act of unprovoked aggression in Europe since 1939 has been matched in Russia by his resorting as never before to lies, violence and shutting-down free-speech. Though the World’s dispute is with just one psychologi …

Campaign for housing justice

Posted on: 11th March 2022

This week I launch a Charter for Housing Justice. Amongst other things it calls for:1. Everyone to have a right to a decent, secure, affordable home;2. Radically changing the planning and tax systems to put public good before private gain; first homes …

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1 week ago
Andrew George

Sensible and pragmatic pledge which will help to not only protect the vulnerable and our NHS but also our economy and business sectors from the need for further draconian lockdowns.

This initiative would not be necessary if the Government had acted responsibly and embraced established good practice and law
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Sensible and pragmatic pledge which will help to not only protect the vulnerable and our NHS but also our economy and business sectors from the need for further draconian lockdowns. 

This initiative would not be necessary if the Government had acted responsibly and embraced established good practice and law

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So many people now not wearing masks. It saddens me that they either understand so little about the need for them, or just don’t care about anyone else.

I agree with you about many things Andrew, but not this. Countries which on paper were far more "responsible" have had outcomes which were worse. Far better now to focus on improving public health and fitness than papering over Covid cracks. Where is the government's meaningful plan to tackle obesity? Where is the funding for cheap access to leisure centres? Why has the action to tackle BOGOF junk food offers been pushed back? This would make far more difference than businesses "pledging to protect staff, users and customers from Covid" (what does that even mean in practice anyway?)

The government acting responsibly and embracing good practice? Fat chance of that.

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2 weeks ago
Andrew George

Not often I get to write headlines for the Daily Mail, let alone get quoted. Wasn't on my bucket list...

What the Conservatives announced today will NOT a "crack-down" on second homes. It's a con. They're merely bringing forward by one year a doubling of council tax on EMPTY homes, which is a different and more complex matter than second/holiday and Airbnb homes. In fact, their proposals will have the opposite effect, as more second homers will 'flip' their property investment from council tax to business rates and claim tax exemption.

All they're doing, is merely bringing forward by one year the existing doubling of council tax on EMPTY homes; which is a different (and complex) matter than second/holiday homes.

More than half of Cornwall's second homes don't just NOT pay any Council tax anyway, but they don't pay ANYTHING. And the Conservatives won't really do anything to discourage that! It costs the rest of us £15 million a year in Cornwall to subsidise second home owners who use the business rate relief loophole to avoid paying anything. Then they received another £170 million+ of Cornwall's covid aid. It's hard to think of a less deserving case for this taxpayer funded charity! I warned the Tories at the beginning of the pandemic. But they ignored it and just carried on paying out. In short; it's a scandal followed by a con.

'Doubling council tax isn't enough', say fed-up locals of beauty spots
Local authorities are expected to be handed powers to hike charges when properties are not either regularly used or let out by their owners for at least 70 days per year.
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I once had a front page story in the Daily Mail - but had to avoid getting my name mentioned as it involved one of our largest clients. It was about fights in Tesco over the discounted fruit & veg when it got wheeled out. I mentioned it to Fiona McTaggart (then my MP), she mentioned it in parliament and then the Mail latched onto the story...

I think our council need to introduce a letting license which would make it a offence to offer a home for holiday let without one. ( exclusive use only so doesn’t effect room rental or b&b hotels etc) Cost of license £3000 cash raised for new affordable homes £15m per year. Also get control over how many homes and where they are. Second homes can only be covered by using planning laws. Eg if the home is in full time occupancy you need a change of use to sell it as a second home. The “new” legislation is just rubbish. The conservative council leader was on the radio yesterday and should have been asked “ how many empty homes have they taxed under the current rule of two years, none I expect!

I just wonder, who will police the new builds, as being occupied as a full time, main residence and not a second home or holiday let. There is enough empty houses, seemingly new builds not occupied breaking this local rule, with no one being bought to task, or enforcing this rule.

....the Tory supporters are always the ones who benefit from how they interpret what needs to be changed....

Adding to that the local hunt who illegally hunt our wildlife scrounged the 2 x 10 grand covid grands but in parliament they said the hunts bring in revenue 🤔

Richard Evans

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Speaking Up

We lost by the narrow margin of just 312 votes at the last election. I was asked by news reporters immediately afterwards “how disappointed” I felt. I explained that I wasn’t disappointed for myself, but for the people I hoped to speak up for and who deserved to have their voice heard in Parliament.

After all, in Cornwall the Conservative Party secured the support of just 35% of the Cornish electorate yet secured 100% of the seats, …100% of the voice.

The Conservatives primarily speak up for those who are already more than able to speak up for themselves: the wealthy, the landed, big business, the privileged, powerful media barons, those who believe the poor have only themselves to blame etc.

But who’ll speak for the poor, the poorly housed, our NHS, our schools, our public servants, our environment, refugees, for Britain to be an ambassador for peace and reconciliation in a wider world, or even for foxes who’d rather not be chased to their death just for recreational fun?

Though a clear majority of voters in this constituency agree we must find a voice for the voiceless, unfortunately old fashioned tribalism ensured the votes of the majority were split and so helped gift this seat to the Conservatives on another minority vote.

We owe it to the voiceless to do all we can to stop that happening here this time. That’s why I’ve been working to seek cooperation between those on the centre/left of politics. I continue that work. I hope you’ll join me.

Common Platform for Cornwall

Common Platform Cornwall