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Andrew George

Promoting the Politics of Courage

Andrew George

Promoting the
Politics of Courage

I’m running a positive campaign to restore decency and honesty to our politics. To build a brighter future. To combat those who want us to become more inward-looking, backward-looking, more self-absorbed. I’ll build a campaign for an outward-looking, forward-looking and compassionate country.

We’ve been misled by a privileged clique who’ve irresponsibly played on fears to stoke prejudice. We must get beyond the Brexit chaos they’ve dragged our country into. We must restore the things that matter for the sake of our children’s future – our NHS, our schools and the very sustainability of our planet.

Come and join a growing campaign team. We’re determined to win this seat back this time, to make the difference, to build a brighter future.

Many people say “you politicians are all the same”. That statement has never been more untrue. The choice here is stark:

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Andrew GeorgeAndrew George - Standing up for Cornwall

National campaigner, local campaigner, former MP.

Andrew describes his role - "Seeking out the silent voices. Standing up to bullies. Fighting for justice”

Liberal Democrats - Building a brighter future

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The media is now reporting post-Brexit export hurdles and complexity as if this had not been forewarned.If they’d attended any of my public meetings which offered technical advice and guidance on the necessary preparations for Brexit they would have be …

Comment on Brexit activists’ illegal flag stunt

Posted on: 3rd January 2021

Our Union flag should be respected not abused. I’ve been asked for comment about the illegal misuse of public flag-poles on the Penzance prom in a political stunt by Brexit enthusiasts. For my own part I have good reason to be proud, indeed enthusiasti …

Brexit: Time to move on …and to build a future of hope for young people

Posted on: 28th December 2020

Whether you like it or loath it, Brexit’s happening. While the rump of right-wing Brexiteers who lied and led us to this are living their dream about half of the country’s in mourning.But it’s time to move on. What’s done is done. It would be understan …

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1 day ago

Andrew George

“Fish happy to have their sovereignty back!”
And this from a Tory who fills his boots by betting against the UK economy in the money markets.

Brexit always was project of lies led by a bunch of spoilt public school boys - Mogg, Johnson, Farage etc - who regarded it all as a jolly jape.
They may be comfortably insulated from the impact of their lies, but it's not such a hoot for the thousands who will now suffer, lose their jobs and go out of business because they duped enough people.

Promises of “taking back control” of our fish have of course proven to be empty lies, just as we had warned .
Fishermen complain they’ve been “ betrayed”, as we warned they would be.
Fish Merchants now confront the rotting fish reality of the Brexit trading deal, just as forewarned.

But at least “Fish are happy to have their sovereignty back”!
The posh boys who led us to this smirk with delight. Their lies also gave them a comfortable 80 seat majority.

Jacob Rees-Mogg says fish are British and 'happier' because of Brexit – video
‘They’re now British fish and they’re better and happier fish for it,’ the leader of the Commons told MPs

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I often used to say in Commons fisheries debates "Fish may not be that bright. But they're at least bright enough not to have hang-ups about their nationality" and then watch the swivel-eyed tory xenophobes smoulder on their benches. Most of the commercial species migrate across "territorial" waters. Now they can do it proudly carrying their brand new blue passports! What fun for them! 😊

They're not twats - (well obvs they are, but...) - they're winners. 80 seats. Gerrymander and moan all you like, that's a whacking majority. Do we really have to wait until all their voters pop their clogs before anything changes? Sorry, incandescent with impotent rage this morning.

Surely fish are a wild animal and belong to no one until they are caught, at that time , they are past caring about who has caught them.

Another hunt loving Dickensian who has no idea of normal life

Jacob Rees-Mogg anthropomorphising fish... fancy that! Well, they do say like goes for like...

I think some of those rotting fish might be happy dumped on his doorstep.

He might take a different view if he was in the fishing industry

God he is a lying turd

Just shows you , the appalling attitude Tory MPs have towards the general public . Complacency!

What a twat so out of touch with people trying to survive and make a living

What's the problem with going to a public school? Or being posh? Bit of a pathetic argument

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7 days ago

Andrew George

"Taking back control" the Conservatives can quietly reverse promises on environmental standards.

So it begins...

They trumpet statements and press releases when green-washing themselves. But I doubt they'll shout about this latest mask-slip.

And they can't claim this as an example of using "freedoms" won after leaving the EU because the EU also permitted the "emergency" use of neonics; which 10 EU countries had been taking advantage of in recent years for the treatment of sugar beets - see my comment below...

Government to let farmers use bee-killing pesticide banned by EU
‘We need urgent action to restore the abundance of our insect populations, not broken promises that make the ecological crisis even worse,’ says Wildlife Trusts

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Following the prohibition of all outdoor uses of the three neonicotinoids imidacloprid, thiamethoxam and clothianidin in May 2018 and the non-renewal of approval of thiacloprid on 3 February 2020, 10 EU countries have repeatedly granted emergency authorisations for their use in sugar beets. ://

Whats the alternative?

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Speaking Up

We lost by the narrow margin of just 312 votes at the last election. I was asked by news reporters immediately afterwards “how disappointed” I felt. I explained that I wasn’t disappointed for myself, but for the people I hoped to speak up for and who deserved to have their voice heard in Parliament.

After all, in Cornwall the Conservative Party secured the support of just 35% of the Cornish electorate yet secured 100% of the seats, …100% of the voice.

The Conservatives primarily speak up for those who are already more than able to speak up for themselves: the wealthy, the landed, big business, the privileged, powerful media barons, those who believe the poor have only themselves to blame etc.

But who’ll speak for the poor, the poorly housed, our NHS, our schools, our public servants, our environment, refugees, for Britain to be an ambassador for peace and reconciliation in a wider world, or even for foxes who’d rather not be chased to their death just for recreational fun?

Though a clear majority of voters in this constituency agree we must find a voice for the voiceless, unfortunately old fashioned tribalism ensured the votes of the majority were split and so helped gift this seat to the Conservatives on another minority vote.

We owe it to the voiceless to do all we can to stop that happening here this time. That’s why I’ve been working to seek cooperation between those on the centre/left of politics. I continue that work. I hope you’ll join me.

Common Platform for Cornwall

Common Platform Cornwall