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Let’s have a public debate on Brexit

Posted on: 21st February 2018

Former MP Andrew George says local people deserve a say on the kind of Brexit being negotiated by the Government. Following the revelation of a secret letter to the Prime Minister signed by one local MP, and which calls for the hardest of hard Brexit’s, Mr George says these matters should be put in the […]

Progressive Alliance for Cornwall

Public meeting to discuss political cooperation

Posted on: 20th February 2018

Former MP and candidate, Andrew George, will join a panel of speakers for a public meeting in Penzance this Thursday to explore the opportunities for greater political cooperation. Attached is a poster about the event and a document which Mr George produced last year identifying many of the key policy areas on which he believes […]

Second Homes March

Protestors Demonstrate Common Cause for Housing Justice

Posted on: 10th February 2018

Andrew George hailed today’s protest march for housing justice a great success. Over a hundred withstood the rain and wind to walk from Mousehole to Penzance to make their voices heard. He said: “Congratulations to all those who came out today in very wet conditions – marching from Mousehole to Penzance – to fight for […]

Andrew George

Campaign to halt tax-dodging Second Homes must go all the way – George

Posted on: 5th February 2018

  Homes for locals campaigner and former MP, Andrew George, who successfully led the campaign to remove the Council Tax subsidy for second homes said his campaign to clamp-down on the wide and much flaunted tax avoidance opportunities for second home owners must now be answered by Government ministers. He said: “If the rich under-occupy […]

Campaign to reopen Edward Hain / inpatient community hospital beds

Posted on: 28th January 2018

Call for evidence Encouraging news for those campaigning to improve community hospital inpatient beds following the Edward Hain Hospital ‘temporary’ closure came from the well attended public meeting on the NHS at Penzance organised by Andrew George on Friday. Local GP Dr Neil Walden, who was a Panel member at the meeting, reported that the […]

Public Meeting resolves to take “Save our NHS” fight to Government

Posted on: 27th January 2018

A well attended public meeting in Penzance last night overwhelmingly resolved to take a public protest to Government to “save out NHS”. The meeting arranged by former MP and Health campaigner Andrew George was attended by more than 200 people. Panel speakers were Dr Malcolm Stewart (Clinical Director at RCHT), Dr Neil Walden (local GP […]

Did you know…

Posted on: 21st January 2018

I attach a link to a Facebook post entitled: Did you know… Second homes in Cornwall & on Scilly 1. Get away with £multi-million tax avoidance & 2. Potentially deny local people the election results they want… Did you know…Second homes in Cornwall & on Scilly1. Get away with £multi-million tax avoidance &2. Potentially… Posted […]

Industrial-scale tax avoidance and political influence by second homers must be stopped

Posted on: 19th January 2018

Former MP and housing campaigner, Andrew George, (who led the campaign to get rid of the Council Tax subsidy for second home owners nearly twenty years ago) is calling on Cornwall Council and the Government to clamp down on what he calls “industrial scale tax avoidance” and “preferential electoral influence” by second home owners in […]

What future our NHS?

Posted on: 15th January 2018

Public Meeting Friday 26th Jan 2018 at 7.30pm – St John’s Hall, Penzance The NHS is in melt down, Ambulances queuing, Cornwall’s NHS in massive debt and worse… People want to know what’s going on? Why Conservative MPs have opposed giving the NHS the money it needs? What all these acronyms are – STP, ACO, […]

Our NHS is on the verge of melt-down.

Posted on: 17th December 2017

We cannot carry on like this. Our NHS is on the verge of melt-down. A Senior Hospital A&E Consultant reports this week, “Patients are being left in corridors. There are no ward beds for them, staff are leaving shifts demoralised and exhausted and (most importantly) patients are not getting the care they deserve. “We need […]