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So here we go again. Big Government defeat. But no solution.

Posted on: 14th March 2019

Brexit – that vortex where fantasy meets reality – has left the UK humiliated and facing perpetual torment. In my experience there are a small group of EU obsessives who live for nothing else. For them, having a never-ending debate about the UK’s relationship with the EU would be heaven-on-earth! Of course it’s plausible that […]

There are NO “legally-binding changes” to the Withdrawal Agreement

Posted on: 12th March 2019

  Professor of EU Law, Michael Dougan, commented “There is still no mechanism by which the UK is entitled unilaterally to terminate the “backstop”” after analysing the so-called “Strasbourg Agreement” published last night. His Summary comment sent to me earlier this morning, after burning the midnight oil is set out below and his full analysis […]

Brexit Event Penzance

Success at last for the Government!

Posted on: 28th February 2019

Yes. Theresa May and her Ministers have succeeded in making the UK the biggest laughingstock on the planet. Fighting off impressive competition from the US White House they managed to scale new heights of shambolic ineptitude in their handling of Brexit to achieve a degree of national humiliation not seen before. Those who’ve attended any […]

Public meeting hears that Brexit won't happen on 29th March

Public meeting hears that Brexit won’t happen on 29th March

Posted on: 18th February 2019

Expert speakers, Professor Michael Dougan and Sarah Adkins, warned a large and divided audience in Penzance on Friday evening that the Government was many months away from being capacity to manage any kind of departure from the EU. Brexit will not happen on 29th March. Article 50 will be delayed. Andrew George who organised the […]

Brexit: What next?

Spare a thought for poor Lucifer…

Posted on: 14th February 2019

Thanks to that Donald Tusk he now has to find “a special place” for people who’ll give him and the rest of the inhabitants of Hell serious reputational damage! However, there is “a special place” for a representative on behalf of a Brexit campaign group or political Party to join me on a discussion panel […]

Brexit Event Penzance

Trial Separation

Posted on: 14th February 2019

Last time, just two weeks ago, I launched my (tongue-in-cheek) proposal for a “Trial Separation” – a “Trial No Deal Brexit” as a solution to the embarrassing and chaotic mess that is the UK Government’s Brexit negotiating position. I proposed this on condition that Brexiteers are made to stick around and remain answerable. They wouldn’t […]

Brexit: What next?

George puts call out… a representative on behalf of Brexit supporters please

Posted on: 12th February 2019

Campaigner, Andrew George, who has put on a series of well attended public meetings and debates in Penzance and Helston during recent months is requesting a representative on behalf of Brexit supporters to join him and other speakers at a panel debate in Penzance this Friday evening 15th Feb. They would join a panel with […]

Brexit: What next?

Brexit debate attracts top Professor of EU Law

Posted on: 11th February 2019

A major debate on the current crisis in Brexit negotiations will take place in Penzance this Friday 15th February. It has attracted a top Professor of EU Law – Prof. Michael Dougan from Liverpool University – along with Sarah Adkins – a lawyer who specialises in trade, and local Campaigner Andrew George, who has arranged […]

Brexit Event Penzance

(Tongue-in-cheek) “Trial separation” Brexit plan launched at Pz meeting last night

Posted on: 2nd February 2019

Text of report on facebook following last evening’s Penzance “Brexit: What next?” meeting with Julie Girling MEP: Big thanks to Julie Girling MEP, Mike Sagar-Fenton and an engaging audience for braving elements to make our “Brexit: What next?” meeting in St John’s Hall, Penzance last night a success. A good exchange of views, questions, commentary […]

Brexit - What Next

Another Brexit delusion…? – Come to a Public meeting on Friday

Posted on: 30th January 2019

So a small Parliamentary majority including most Conservatives have voted to back a Brexit delusion. Squadrons of pigs did a celebratory Westminster fly past when the result was announced on Tuesday evening. But perhaps I’m wrong? Perhapsthe Leaders of the other 27 EU nations willmiraculouslycontradict everything they’ve previouslyruled out. Perhaps they’ll put the interests of […]