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Andrew George

Promoting the Politics of Courage


  • NO to developers’ charter – YES to homes for locals

    ENOUGH IS ENOUGH. Cornwall is one of the fastest developing places in the country. Our housing stock has doubled in the last forty years. But the housing problems of locals have got worse.

    Conservatives forced Cornwall to take another 52,500 homes in the current plan (2010-2030) and now want to increase again by over 80,000! That’s equivalent to 10 new Penzances, or 18 Helstons or 24 St Ives.
    And they forced Cornwall to take an extra 7,700 homes because they said we must “accommodate the growing demand for second homes”

    Andrew says, “The planning system is fuelled by greed, not need. We must stop the Conservatives treating Cornwall like a developers’ paradise. We need a breathing space. Yes to homes which meet local need in perpetuity.
    No to swamping Cornwall in concrete and tarmac.

    “Cornwall must come first”



  • Your views matter

    Your views matter

    Do you live in the St Ives Constituency? I want to hear from you.

    We expect big changes in the coming months. When the new Johnson Government find they can’t secure a new Brexit deal don’t be surprised if you’re asked to vote again…

    With your support we can win it back and forge a better future for the country and our communities.

    Please complete this quick survey to help me make sure your voice is heard – please follow the link below and choose the survey for your location.

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  • NHS Campaign


    NHS Proper Funding Proper Staffing

    The Save our NHS campaign group, made up of NHS professionals and cross-party health campaigners, had its official launch on Saturday 30th June, in the form of a vigil in Penzance town centre on the eve of the 70th Birthday of the NHS – Saturday 30th June. Hundreds gathered to hear health professionals and campaigners speak about the current crisis faced by the NHS, to support the campaign’s ‘Charter’ and to sign the petitions.

    Read the Charter and add your voice here >

  • Tax-Dodging Second Homes

    Second Homes March

    Invest in local first homes – Clamp-down on tax-dodging second homes

    We note that the law presently permits thousands of second home owners to avoid paying a fair share of Council, Business and Income Tax to the detriment of legitimate holiday businesses, local residents, taxpayers and public services. They also have unacceptably preferential influence in national elections.

    We therefore demand that Cornwall is granted the planning, tax and voter registration powers to ensure fairness in the housing and holiday letting sectors and equity in the tax, public service and electoral registration systems.

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  • Campaign for Cornwall Council


    Cornwall’s best interests come before Party politics. Andrew has always put our local communities before Party tribalism. While the Conservative Government slashed Cornwall’s core grant in half Liberal Democrats have worked with other Parties and Independents to protect Cornwall’s vital services..


    Andrew is a nationally recognised NHS campaigner. He led successful campaigns to protect our hospitals. The Conservatives closed Poltair and Edward Hain Hospitals. Andrew’s campaigning for a new-build hospital to replace much needed inpatient beds and services.


    Andrew has consistently backed efforts to combat climate change and protect our environment. Conservatives have dismantled successful Liberal Democrat green measures and voted against/ opposed every measure to combat climate change. Locals are not impressed by Conservative attempts to green-wash themselves with photos of tree-planting and beach-cleans. Andrew and the Liberal Democrats will push for carbon neutral Cornwall by 2030.


    Andrew is a leading housing campaigner. He runs a charitable trust delivering decent homes for locals. The Conservatives have delivered multi-million tax advantages for second homers and a planning system which favours big developers and property speculators. Andrew will always fightto help locals in need and against developer greed.


    Liberal Democrats have protected and enhanced Cornwall’s Social Care in the teeth of Government cuts. They have lifted frontline workers’ pay, higher than the Government’s base to Foundation Living Wage or above. Andrew says the Covid pandemic has reinforced the need to build a kinder society. “Cornwall Council should provide the backbone for a caring Cornwall”.

  • Standing up for Cornwall – Putting Cornwall above Party Tribalism

    The Conservatives slashed Cornwall’s core Government funding in half since 2015 (from £176m to just £81m). Many Councils have struggled. Some, like Tory-run Northants have been declared bankrupt. But Cornwall’s Liberal Democrat and Independent coalition has remained resilient, successfully defending and improving services.


    • Is No.1 Council for delivering affordable homes for locals
    • Lifted all frontline workers’ pay – above the Government’s minimum to the higher Foundation Living Wage
    • Protected and enhanced the Social Care budget
    • Secured the Train Care Centre at Long Rock
    • Increased investment in renewables.
    • Ended waste to landfill.
    • Planted 100,000 trees
    • Installed over 150 green vehicle charging points
    • Is top Council for Covid aid response
    • Secured investment for over 100 new buses and smart ticket and timetable.


    • To continue to put Cornwall before Party – to work with those who put Cornwall’s best interests first
    • To stand up for Cornwall – make sure Cornwall’s voice is heard, not taken for granted
    • To combat climate change and deliver carbon neutral Cornwall by 2030
    • To invest more in Social Care
    • To fight to protect our NHS
    • To campaign against Tory plans to dump another 80,000+ (mostly unaffordable) homes on Cornwall
    • To remain top for delivery of genuinely affordable homes
    • To commit to increase adult and child care and family crisis support
    • To ensure the millions of Conservative Government “pre-election bribes” are properly and effectively spent, and not frittered away.