Tory MP’s froth & wind won’t stop PO closures

Posted on: 25th October 2018

Responding to a tory MP’s extraordinary claim of “fantastic” progress in his Post Office closure campaign, Liberal Democrat campaigner, Andrew George challenged him to reverse the massive number of closures which have happened on his watch.

Mr George said, “It’s no coincidence that since 2015 there’s been an epidemic of Post Office closures here in the west. Carbis Bay, Leedstown, Newlyn, Lizard, Heamoor, Mullion, St Keverne, Gulval, Long Rock, Porthleven and many others have either closed or have or are threatened. This is a direct result of the policies of the Conservative Government since they were free to govern alone.

“Let’s take our hats off to those who provide these vital services. Many are forced or perhaps choose to do the job for love. The remuneration is so low that many operate with no reward at all. Most have income far lower than the minimum wage.

“Contrary to his dishonest claim, the Post Office network subsidy was £130million in 2015 but has been slashed to about £46m. The latest estimate of Post master/mistress pay showed a quarter of them took NO pay at all – effectively doing the job as volunteers; the average pay was just £750 a month.

“His so-called ‘campaign’ is just froth and wind. Rather than asking people to sign petitions and harvesting their emails so he can tell them how hard he’s trying to put out the fire his Government ignited, it would be better to question his own slavish loyalty to the Party which has caused this.

“Just as it’s no coincidence we’ve seen unprecedented PO closures since 2015, it’s no accident there weren’t any while the Liberal Democrats took care for the Post Office portfolio. If the Tories had their way then the closures would have come but earlier.”