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Andrew George

Promoting the Politics of Courage


UK voters have been ignored and misled for too long. The people should be given the right to agree the final deal with the EU.

The Conservatives created this mess. Their preposterous negotiation position, their catastrophic mishandling, their contracts with ferry companies with no ferries have made Britain an international laughing-stock.

There isn’t a painless way out of the chaos and division the Conservatives have led us into – but the Liberal Democrats are best placed to unite our divided country.

That’s why highly respected MPs from both the Conservatives and Labour deserted their Parties to join us. We’re a haven for decent, moderate people.

No, I don’t support the Party line to Revoke Article 50. That wouldn’t happen anyway.  A final confirmatory vote is the only plausible way forward now. However, all Parties must sign-up to implementing the outcome immediately after the vote.

Brexit is a distraction. There are more important matters to resolve. Health, education, climate crisis, welfare, housing, agriculture, business… These have been side-lined, so the Conservatives can continue arguing among themselves over their favourite subject …obsession with the EU.

Cornwall’s agricultural, fishing, tourism and other sectors will be harmed, not aided by Brexit. A vote for Andrew is a vote to prevent a damaging hard Brexit.

Whether you voted leave or remain, it’s clear the Conservatives won’t get “Brexit done”. All they can do is get “Brexit started”. They’re incapable of resolving the deadlock and healing our country.