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Andrew George

Promoting the Politics of Courage


We’ve all had cause to be grateful for our NHS service – and now it needs our support. Andrew George has always been 100% behind Cornwall’s NHS hospitals, surgeries, services and staff.

Andrew leads the campaign organisation of medical professionals and patients, Save our NHS Cornwall. He successfully campaigned to save our local hospitals, including West Cornwall, St Michael’s and Helston hospital. In contrast the Conservatives closed both Poltair in Penzance and Edward Hain in St Ives in 2016.

The Conservatives have put profit before patient care and run down the service. There are over 100,000 doctor and nurse vacancies. Staff are seriously overstretched and losing confidence in the service.

The Lib Dems will invest billions more in the NHS service. Unlike the Tories, there’s no “magic money tree”. Funds will be raised by a penny increase in income tax. That’s an average of £3 a week for most of us: money well spent.

Andrew knows how hard NHS staff work, caring for all who need it while struggling with dwindling resources. These struggles are right across the board, from midwifery to mental health. Andrew has led national campaigns on health matters including safe nurse staffing levels, and he has actively opposed the privatisation of NHS services.

A vote for Andrew is a vote to save our NHS and to help secure the resources it needs.