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Andrew George

Promoting the Politics of Courage

Climate Emergency

Andrew George is a lifelong environmental and climate campaigner. An enthusiastic cyclist and recycler, Andrew believes that Cornwall can lead the way in tackling the climate emergency.

Andrew has joined Penzance’s schoolchildren on their Climate Strike marches. Cornwall should be proud of its children, who have the energy and urgency to stand up for our planet.

The Conservatives may have been outwardly supporting green initiatives and desperately greenwashing themselves as the election draws near, but they have consistently voted against every single measure to combat climate change.

The Conservatives scrapped the Climate Change department, tore up sustainable homes regulations, sold-off the Green Investment Bank, slashed investment in green energy and trashed most of the progress made by the Liberal Democrats and Labour in Government.

The Liberal Democrats have pledged £20bn a year for 5 years to tackle the climate emergency. One goal is to generate 80% of our electricity from renewables by 2030. Andrew wants to turn Cornwall into the “Green Peninsula”, an exemplar for green policy and renewables.

Penzance was the country’s first town to be awarded Plastic Free status, and other Cornish towns have signed up.

We urgently need to focus on halting further harm to our planet and where possible, undoing the damage. Children understand it. Now we need a Government to deliver a planet fit for their future.