Young people – our climate conscience

Posted on: 6th May 2019

Really encouraged to meet students at Cape Cornwall School and at Mounts Bay Academy.

All so very interested, engaged, committed. Our discussion? Climate Change. Many had gone on School “Strike” to protest that their parents and grandparents generations had let them down. Had left them a legacy which threatens their future and of thousands of species with extinction.

We covered a range of topics – physics, chemistry, engineering, metaphor, policy, economics and more.

Self-interest, corporate greed, a development system which puts greed above need and right-wing climate change deniers have set us back. There’s so much to be done to avoid serious climate chaos. A shameful legacy of harm. But we can turn this around; and we need to for their sakes…

And with young people like these we will. I find it inspiring and encouraging to meet young people these days.

Pictured here talking to an impressive range of students at Cape Cornwall School and with great Mounts Bay teacher Megan Westren and the wonderful year 7.