Working together – best way to combat pandemic

Posted on: 31st October 2020


It’s time for all parties to come together for the good of the country. I’ve called for this before. But it bears repeating again now. Our country needs a cross-Party, cross-Parliament but most importantly genuinely science-led coalition to take over and get on top of the pandemic. All the signs are that it’s taking another turn for the worse.

Failures in the test and tracing system and unwise, confusing messaging has led us to potentially standing on the edge of winter precipice. Decisive action is now needed. The present arrangements and political anxieties don’t present the best recipe for rational decision making.

I regret that our wonderful NHS and other frontline lions have been let down and deserve competent decision makers behind them. Our nation deserves a Government which engenders confidence and can present clarity, not confusion at this time. They’ve promised us “world-beating” but have instead delivered amongst the worst outcome and death rate in the developed world.

We can’t carry on like this. Our country needs to have confidence in our decision makers. The only and honest way forward is a cross-party coalition of all.