Women And The Kenyan Constitution

Posted on: 15th September 2011

Andrew George MP has signed EDM2190. Motion reads: “That this House welcomes the provision in Kenya’s new constitution for one third of members of the Kenyan parliament to be women; expresses support for the Kenyan women fighting to ensure this provision is implemented and congratulates them on their work to ensure the inclusion of chapter four which guarantees equality of opportunity for men and women; underlines that only 10 per cent. of MPs in Kenya are women and, ahead of the 2012 elections, further underlines the opportunity this constitutional provision represents; calls on the UK Government to back the demands of the women in Kenya and help them achieve greater political representation; pays tribute to the vital work of UN Women in Kenya; is concerned that women and girls face particular problems including illiteracy, death in childbirth, discriminationand female genital mutilation, which is why it is important to ensure women have greater representation in parliament; and calls on the UK Government to ensure that UK aid contributes to women’s empowerment.”