Will ‘our’ fish take back control?

Posted on: 14th March 2018

We were told at the referendum that “Britain leaving the EU will see an automatic restoration of the 200 mile/median line boundaries, bringing everything…back into our jurisdiction” (Fishing for Leave (FfL)). But, as warned at the time, it’s not as simple as that. Other international – UN – law prevails.

We were also assured that the fish within our waters were “British and therefore it is only within the power of our parliament to decide who gets what quota” (FfL). But much of this fish is ‘highly migratory’.

Fish may not be that bright. But at least they’re intelligent enough not to have hang-ups about their nationality (as I once said in a fisheries debate in the Commons).

And, perhaps, if they play their cards right, fish may recover while politicians descend into a mire of expending their energies arguing over them…?