When the public need to be protected from the PM, it’s time for him to go.

Posted on: 9th February 2022


We live in a time of uncertainty. A time when this country needs leadership it can feel confident in. However, the prime minister has other priorities.

In a desperate attempt to save his own skin, the PM is prepared to risk the lives of others, including thousands of vulnerable people.

His announcement that covid rules may be lifted early were made (probably on the hoof) in an attempt to wrong-foot his opponents and assure the right-wing Tory MPs he needs on-side to stave-off a challenge to his premiership.

This is of course not the first time he’s ignored the science to either chase headlines or to please the hard-right of the Conservative Party.

It’s no wonder the UK has amongst the very worst Covid outcomes in the developed world.

It’s also no wonder the Chief Medical Officer – Prof Sir Chris Whitty – has been notably absent from being associated with the PM, as Johnson ranges around in desperation during the dying days of his premiership.

The PM’s announcement exposes him as a danger to this country. He is prepared to do or say anything in his desperate attempt to cling on. The need to depose him has now become urgent. If Conservative MPs don’t act immediately, they will have more than just their consciences to be answerable to. 

I have asked Public Health Cornwall if they had been consulted before this announcement and what measures they believe are now needed to protect public health.