We’ll take the NHS money – though we suspect it’s just more counterfeit pre-election promises

Posted on: 30th September 2019

Local Candidate and NHS campaigner Andrew George said he’d be pleased to accept the money the Conservatives have said is on offer for the local NHS, and that he’ll make sure its delivered effectively, so long as the Conservatives show where the money is coming from before they lose office.

Mr George said, “If the Conservatives really have found a source for these naked pre-election bribes, including the latest magic money tree splurge on the NHS, then I for one will be glad to make sure the money is delivered and is spent effectively on our local NHS.

“Liberal Democrats are honest with people about spending promises. We’ve promised to more than match the Conservatives’ unfunded NHS deception but by making clear that we would spend real money by raising income tax by the equivalent of 1p.

“NHS funding has fallen back dramatically since the Tories were able to Govern on their own from 2015 and services have suffered. Most people realise the welter of pre-election bribes are funded from the magic money tree. The only strategy behind it is to create a smoke-screen of counterfeit good news stories in marginal seats like here in West Cornwall.”