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We must move on from Brexit

Posted on: 24th October 2019

We must move on from Brexit. To breath hope into our communities. To rebuild our NHS, reinvest in our children’s education, seriously combat climate change and to tackle growing poverty. But Parliament has become paralysed by this chaotic Conservative Government…

So much for “take back control”! It saddens me to see our fishing communities taken for fools by this notoriously devious Conservative PM and his loyal MPs.

The Conservatives saw the fishing industry as “expendable” in 1972 as we joined the European Community. Now, hidden away in the detail of the new Deal, is further confirmation that our fishermen will be in a WORSE (not better as promised) situation than they are now!

Our fishing industry has been used as the poster boy of the hard-right during the Brexit debate. The quota agreement secretly negotiated by the Conservatives in the 1970s left our fishermen at semi-permanent disadvantage.

But promises made by the Conservatives have not been honoured. Our fishermen will NOT get any more fishing quota. Foreign vessels will STILL fish in “our” waters. The Government has commissioned a French company to monitor our fishermen. The UK Government would have LESS say on how the fishery is managed.
Of course the situation could change during the “transitional” period – to January 2021 or later – but fishing is bound to again be seen as “expendable” as the UK negotiates post-Brexit trade agreements.

Local Conservative MP’s claim it’s a good deal for the fishing industry. But our local MP runs away from public debate where assertions can be tested against the evidence in the public arena.

This Deal is a sell-out. But the Conservatives want to rail-road it through Parliament before anyone has chance to scrutinise the details.

The Cummings/Johnson Government continues its pre-election counterfeit money splurge on any popular-sounding project, especially in marginal constituencies like many in Cornwall. Of course I welcome additional money – for hospitals, our NHS, for town regeneration projects and for education.

So I’m asking you how you’d like the money spent, as we intend to replace local Tory MPs at the next election. And just in case the magic money tree can be replaced by real money. Indeed, I’ll be demanding that the Conservatives (whether in or out of office after the next election) honour their promises.

Young people on their school strike (which I have supported) properly remind the Colonel Blimps in Westminster they’re wrecking the planet they arguing about. Behind the ‘warm words’ the Conservative Government desperately hope to mask their record and the detrimental u turn in climate policy since 2015.

This matter arose at the packed Brexit debate I called at Penwith College recently. All parties attended except of course the local Conservative MP. While most people are concerned about the UK imminently falling off a cliff into Brexit armageddon, the planet melting into oblivion and endemic poverty crucifying local families our MP’s priority is organising a dog show “with doggie goodie bags”!


This column has been submitted to publication in the local newspapers.