We can and should do more for our Ukrainian friends

Posted on: 24th February 2022


We can and should do more to support the people of Ukraine. I’ll stick my neck out. Some politicians may prefer to drape themselves in flags and gestures. I say we could and should give Ukraine air support.
I was disappointed at the naivety of the west and its failure to avert the inevitability of Putin’s invasion of Ukraine. President Roosevelt is credited with the maxim “talk softly and carry big stick” – effective diplomacy means keeping ALL options open.
In respect of Ukraine the international community did the opposite. Spoke harshly and locked the big stick away. A green light to the megalomaniacal Putin.
The UK position is cowardly. It disproves the deterrent claims of pro-trident politicians. It’s also disappointing but not surprising the UK is seen as irrelevant; led as it is by a lame duck PM without credibility. The international community treat him with superficial respect but laugh behind their hands. It doesn’t help that the Government failed to implement any recommendations of the infamous 2019 Russia Security & Intelligence Report, nor that the Conservative Party is awash with Russian money, nor that Johnson has ennobled his wealthy Russian friends.
Johnson’s ability to wave arms and metaphors around in a thespian attempt to imitate Churchill is a distraction from the evident irrelevance of the UK at the very moment we should come to the aid of our friends in Ukraine.