Water Group Affordability Meeting

Posted on: 7th July 2011

On Tuesday 5th July, Andrew George MP,  Chaired a meeting of the All Party Parliamentary Water Group.

The meeting  considered the issue of charging and affordability in relation to the Government’s current consultation on its response to the Walker Review. Those attending had the chance to hear from Tony Smith of the Consumer Council for Water, who discussed the broader issues of affordability, and considerations of how the introduction of social tariffs and changes to the current WaterSure tariffs will affect water customers. Also, the Chief Executive of South West Water, Chris Loughlin,  attended to give his opinion on Government proposals to reduce household water bills in the South West.

Mr George is Co-Chair of the All Party Parliamentary Group for Water, and has long campaigned to rectify the imbalance in water rates for South West consumers in comparison to the rest of the country





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