Un-lockdown – Is the Government still hibernating the truth

Posted on: 25th June 2020


Of course it’s right to lift our country out of “hibernation”. A cautious lifting of the lockdown should happen as soon as it is safe to do so.

1. the Government should have put in place a competent test & tracing system before this happened. Other countries have. But not here;
2. the Government should have insisted on the wider use of mask wearing – especially in those indoor locations where risk levels are relatively high. Not just on public transport. Other countries have. But the advice here is muddled; &
3. can we really have confidence in what we’re told by the Government. After all they failed to properly prepare and ignored warnings, they under-reported the impact of the virus and the death toll, exaggerated the stocks of PPE and testing capacity, some senior officials and ministers failed to adhere to their own advice.

Our communities deserve clarity and reassurance. Without it the manner in which the Government is handling the lifting of restrictions seems at best precarious.