Tweeting out of control!

Posted on: 18th May 2011

Originally posted February 17th 2010

Policies are old hat for politicians these days. A perception that there is less than a tissue paper between the parties is intermingled with the regular practice of cross-dressing and even double-cross-dressing and other kinky pursuits on the policy pronouncement front. So confusion reigns as everything has become mixed up in a gooey grey mush.

So, following the Prime Minister’s lead, MPs are all off to undertake “blubbing lessons” and “bearing soul to camera” classes. The British stiff upper lip has given way to the wobbly lower lip as politicians vie to become “human” again.

This all sounds completely improbable. Politicians are known to be the most deeply fallen of all of the species; unprincipled sleaze balls transplanted onto earth from a strange and unpleasant netherworld.

In fact this is further proven this week as some MP colleagues have been first exposed and then run over in the middle of the information super highway. With their ten left thumbs MPs have been twittering out of control; pressing the “send” button before they’ve paused for thought. Tweeting with half a mind on the job is a dangerous pursuit.

Politics still goes from the bizarre to the ridiculous. News that an extreme right wing party has, by law, to allow people who would never want to join their party to join them is like saying that Friends of the Earth must allow Jeremy Clarkson to join them or that the League Against Cruel Sports must allow members of the local Hunt to sign up too!