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(Tongue-in-cheek) “Trial separation” Brexit plan launched at Pz meeting last night

Posted on: 2nd February 2019

Text of report on facebook following last evening’s Penzance “Brexit: What next?” meeting with Julie Girling MEP:

Big thanks to Julie Girling MEP, Mike Sagar-Fenton and an engaging audience for braving elements to make our “Brexit: What next?” meeting in St John’s Hall, Penzance last night a success.

A good exchange of views, questions, commentary and even, dare I suggest, facts.

No one (even the hard Brexiteers who turned up in numbers) believe the UK will have left the EU by April Fool’s Day this year…

I launched my (tongue-in-cheek) proposal for a ‘Trial no deal Brexit’ – an opportunity for Brexiteers to hang around to show just how successful their strategy would be for the UK. They wouldn’t be permitted to do a “David Cameron” and scarper from the scene of their crime but to be forced to be perpetually answerable for themselves…

The proposal would give the UK up to 12 months to experience all the “benefits” of the Brexit paradise Brexiteers promise will be enjoyed once we jump off the cliff. Either Parliament or the public in a referendum would be given the opportunity to reverse the decision as any time, when they’ve had enough. Though tongue-in-cheek, this proposal has a stronger ring of plausibility than the Government’s current fantasy negotiating position.

Brexiteers complained they didn’t have a spokesperson on the platform. (As usual the ardent Brexit supporting local Tory MP refuses to debate these matters in public with me. He’s got form. He stayed in his bunker throughout the Referendum campaign)

So I’ll make sure either the local MP (he’ll refuse) or the UKIP/hard-right Brexiteers are given the golden opportunity to bring their best advocate to attend our next “Brexit: What next?” event in the same venue in a fortnight’s time. Should make it an intriguing occasion! Hope you can come then… Friday 15th Feb @ 7.30pm

"Trial Brexit separation" proposal launched at "What next?" event in Penzance last night! (lol)Big thanks to Julie…

Posted by Andrew George on Saturday, 2 February 2019