Thumbs down for right-wing plans to socially cleanse villages

Posted on: 20th August 2012

West Cornwall MP Andrew George will call on Government Ministers to reject a policy proposal which he says could effectively ‘cleanse’ rural and coastal communities of local working families, making them the exclusive preserve of the better off.

A Policy Exchange report published today proposes selling off social housing in high priced areas to fund new social housing in cheaper areas. The Director of Policy Exchange, Neil O’Brien said, “People do have a right to get housed, but just not to be housed in the most expensive areas.”

Conservative Housing Minister Grant Shapps MP has given his support to the controversial proposals.

But Mr George said:

“If the Conservative side of the Government really believe they can uproot local people from homes in high priced villages and towns just because they are desirable to the wealthy and second home owners they won’t get support from the Liberal Democrats.

“If they really want to ‘socially cleanse’ our villages of local families who are most in need of affordable housing then they’ll have a fight on their hands.

“The Conservatives have ‘form’, having originally introduced a multimillion £ taxpayers subsidy for second home owners by introducing a 50% Council Tax discount. So it’s no surprise to see them wanting to turn our villages into the exclusive preserve of the better off. Perhaps they’re hoping to cleanse them of non-Tory voters.”



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