The Government must learn lessons from pandemic failure

Posted on: 17th December 2020

Many thanks to our expert panelists at last evening’s Covid “Lessons learned” Webinar. We can see why Conservative Ministers have been so keen to avoid even a quick Public Inquiry so that we can learn important lessons to improve on the UK’s shockingly poor handling of the pandemic and the tens of thousands of avoidable deaths.

Thank you to:
Prof. Martin McKee – Prof of public health at the London School of Hygiene and Tropical Medicine and member of Independent SAGE;
Dr Sarah Wollaston – former MP and Chair of the Health Select Committee; &
Dr Colin Philip – former Chair of Cornwall’s Clinical Commissioners (KCCG)

I will publish the video of this session soon. We undertook an opinion poll survey of the approx 200 on the call.

It’s disappointing the Government has shown itself to be more concerned about favourable headlines in tomorrow’s newspapers than by objective science. Our NHS and other frontline Lions have been led by Ministerial donkeys. It’s not the fault of Nurses, Care Workers and Doctors – many have died in the effort to combat the pandemic – that the UK has one of the worst Covid records in the world.

Thank you to the audience for excellent questions. I’m sorry I couldn’t get to them all in the time available. And I’m of course sorry the local Conservative MP again declined the invitation to join us on the panel to answer questions on this vitally important issue.