Brexit poll

Talking of dividing people…

Posted on: 25th April 2019

…if the purpose of the Conservative Government’s policy on the EU was to divide people, promote division to the point of the break-up of families, growing intolerance and threats, the risk of the break-up of the UK and visceral disputes which will take at least a generation to heal, then it’s been a phenomenal success!

Brexit has also been chaotic. Cost us over £40 billion a year since the 2016 referendum. But, with two missed Brexit deadlines already it’s also turned the UK into the biggest laughingstock on the globe.

Local MPs have voted this way, then that way and then no-way. As their justifications and excuses become evermore entertaining, people have a right to feel angry that the Government has led us into this shambles and hasn’t a clue how to get out of it.

There’s only one Deal on the table. Theresa May’s Deal. Parliament should back it, on the proviso that it is put to the people in a final confirmatory vote. Otherwise this shambolic Brexit paralysis will continue till Kingdom come. The country must move on. Mrs May’s deal is not a good deal. It’s the least worst deal, but it’s the only one available after 3 years of Government muddle and faffing.