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Caribbean holiday

Putting stories before pursuit of truth – our media

Posted on: 9th January 2020

The media tell us that public opinion is sharply divided about the story they have spent the past few days ramming down our throats. Apparently the Harry and Meghan “story” is all Fancy a taxpayer subsidised Christmas break to a luxury Caribbean holiday retreat? Well, let’s imagine we have a female PM and that, just […]

Is the Conservative Government preparing for a snap Election?

Posted on: 29th August 2019

Is the Conservative Government preparing for a snap Election or are they really governing the country? PM Johnson claims he’ll give a billion for NHS projects after having starved it of funds since 2015 PM Johnson purports to offer £4bn extra for education after many schools have been brought to their knees since 2015. PM […]

Liberal Democrats

There’s an important parliamentary by-election today

Posted on: 1st August 2019

There’s an important parliamentary by-election today. In the rural Welsh seat of Brecon. If the Liberal Democrat’s win this seat from the Conservatives the Government’s wafer-thin majority will be reduced still further. It’s difficult to see how the Government can survive for much longer. I spent a short time there this week. I discovered rural […]