Surge of Support Needed for Wave Energy Project

Posted on: 8th July 2011

West Cornwall MP, Andrew George, urged Energy Secretary, Chris Huhne, to step up Government incentives for the Wave Hub project.

Mr George twice pressed the Energy Secretary during Department for Energy and Climate Change questions in the Commons Chamber today for Government action to better support the renewable energy project, which successfully installed a plug 10 kilometres off the north coast of his constituency.

Mr George pointed out that incentives for marine energy projects were far greater in Scotland than south of that border. He urged the Secretary of State to ensure that the outcome of the current renewable incentives review would be to create an even playing field for projects across the UK.

Mr George said, “Cornwall has an ambition to become a Green Peninsula in the UK as far as renewable energy is concerned. The successful installation of wave energy devices is crucial. However, companies need greater incentives than are currently available. The Government could do a great deal to support the Wave Hub project by ensuring that the incentives available for marine energy generation are the same in Cornwall as they are in Scotland.

“I will be following up the Energy Secretary’s comments to ensure that rapid progress is made in the coming years.”
Photos courtesy of Wave Hub


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