“Supermarket Watchdog is muzzled and chained” – George

Posted on: 6th March 2015

supermarket trolley resized


The National Chair of the body which led the campaign for the Supermarket Watchdog – the Grocery Code Adjudicator – Andrew George MP, has called on the Government for further powers for the GCA.  A leading sector journal, Farmers Weekly, invited Mr George as one of an expert Grocery supply chain panel to comment on the role and progress of the watchdog.  The article is published today (Friday 6th March 2015). Mr George, who led the campaign to create the Watchdog, is calling for it to have enhanced powers.

Mr George said, “The supermarket Watchdog needs greater powers to protect farmers and growers. It should be able to insist that unfair trading practices are remedied, to investigate buyers’ practices before receiving a formal complaint and to levy heavy fines against supermarkets and processors guilty of unfair dealings.

“A new Government must hasten the introduction of these powers to the Supermarket Watchdog.”



Picture credit: Sun newspaper