Supermarket Watchdog must show its teeth – George

Posted on: 5th February 2015

The National Chair of the body which led the campaign for the Supermarket Watchdog – the Grocery Code Adjudicator – Andrew George MP, has welcomed the announcement of its first investigation into Tesco’s alleged unfair treatment of its suppliers.

Mr George expressed disappointment that the Watchdog does still not have the powers to levy a fine and that she cannot take into account unfair practice which may have taken place before the Watchdog role had been created in 2013.

Mr George said:  “This investigation marks an important turning point in the relationship between suppliers and the powerful supermarkets.  For too long suppliers have had to carry the debts of supermarkets who have taken advantage of their market muscle by demanding very late payment of bills and the ability to charge suppliers for access to shelf space and to introduce retrospect over-riders, other charges and changes to contract.

“I hope that the Government will now hasten the introduction of the powers of the Supermarket Watchdog to fine those guilty of unfair dealing.”