Strong Anti-Brexit message from Liberal Democrat success

Posted on: 27th May 2019

The Euro results weren’t just a bloody nose for the Conservative Government. It was a also a thumbs-down for Brexit.

Bad news for Brexit

Underlying the predictable media hype for the Brexit Party lurks an inconvenient fact…
…that support for Brexit has fallen.

The BBC/Press Association produced this chart. Correctly not allocating votes for Labour or the Conservatives to either side, as both Parties are internally conflicted. We clearly saw voters who loyally voted for their Parties who held opposing views on Brexit.

Support for Brexit sliding

Even if it was assumed Tories are all pro-Brexit it’s still bad news for Brexiteers. Last time (in 2014) the Tories and UKIP took 50% of the vote. This time the Brexit Party, the Tories and UKIP collectively secured just 44% of the vote. Anti-Brexit Parties took over 40% of the vote. Many suspect the majority of Labour loyalists wouldn’t be enthusiastic Brexiters either.
While the Tories will clearly choose a new leader who reflects the Farage “no deal” and a harder Brexit, Labour is surely bound to get off the fence now and back putting the final deal to the people in a confirmatory referendum.