Status Of Jerusalem

Posted on: 15th November 2011

Andrew George has seconded EDM2436. Motion reads: “That this House believes that Jerusalem is a shared city, sacred to Jews, Muslims and Christians; notes with alarm the systematic attempts to reduce the Palestinian population of East Jerusalem and the Jerusalem periphery through evictions of Palestinian families, demolition of Palestinian homes, expansion of Israeli settlements, removal of residency rights from many Palestinian residents of Jerusalem and refusal of access to Jerusalem and its holy sites to most Muslim and Christian Palestinians from the West Bank, resulting in the gradual destruction of Palestinian life and culture; supports the Government’s position of not recognising Israel’s unilateral annexation of East Jerusalem, of regarding Israeli settlements in East Jerusalem as contrary to international law and of refusing to recognise Jerusalem as the capital of Israel until it becomes the shared capital of both nations; and calls on the Government to take steps to ensure that the Israeli authorities respect the rights of Palestinians as well as Israeli citizens and the freedom of worship of all faiths in Jerusalem.”