Statement by Andrew George

Posted on: 16th November 2018

After attending Brexit Meeting arranged by Conservative MP in Helston this evening

A fascist/racist leaflet attacking me and non white migrants was being freely handed out when I attended the public meeting arranged by the local Conservative MP in Helston this evening.

Not a good start to a meeting where important issues around Brexit were to be debated. I had previously offered to present an alternative view to the hard Brexit views of the MP and his UKIP co-speaker but had been told (by the MP) not to attend.

The speakers told the audience that giving the people a vote on the final Brexit deal would unleash the forces of the extreme right. But all the audience (except me) had just been handed evidence that it was Brexit and the 2016 referendum that had already unleashed this.

The bigoted cowards who produced this anonymous conspiracist tirade didn’t own up of course when I was forced to challenge people at the meeting.

Please join me in standing up to these people. Yes, I believe we must campaign for “the politics of hope” against the politics of racism and bigotry. We will not be intimidated.