St Just Library Visit

Posted on: 27th October 2014

On Saturday 25th October, West Cornwall MP, Andrew George, Baroness Kate Parminter and Councillor Sue James visited St Just Library and met with the Friends of St Just Library group (formed earlier this year).

At the event, Friends of St Just Library members were keen to explain the importance of the resource to the town and their eagerness to work with Cornwall Council and the local Town Council to find a way not only to ensure it does not close, but also to restore hours lost earlier this year. They explained that many people are willing to volunteer to supplement what the valued and skilled paid library staff already offer.

Co-chair of the Friends of St Just Library, Kate Beckly, said “I am keen to keep the plight of smaller libraries at the heart of the political agenda. Libraries are so important in our communities. It’s not only about accessing books and information but also for the many older people and young parents libraries help to combat feelings of isolation which can be so detrimental to health and welfare. Also, in many of our communities (St Just for example) the library houses the only public access to a computer, essential for so many of us now, not least for jobseekers.

Councillor Sue James said, “I am committed to ensuring that St Just Town Council and the Friends of St Just Library members get the support and advice they need from officers in Cornwall Council to find a solution that will work for us to keep our Library in St Just. I have also been assured by councillors in the Cabinet that whilst the community are actively engaged in talks, it is not at risk of closure.”

West Cornwall MP, Andrew George said, “The St Just Library is a vital service for the community. The Friends of St Just Library have worked well to highlight the threat to this excellent service and to support the library. Each of the options present a challenge but I have confirmed that I’m keen to work with the local community, the ‘Friends’ and Councillor Sue James to help find the most effective and sustainable solution and to ensure that this excellent service is not lost.”

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L – R  Front Councillor Sue James; William Wheeler; Mari Ward; Finch Ward.
Back row  Andrew George MP; Baroness Parminter; Rita Nield; Kate Beckly; Hilary Kirkman; Gill Caven and Sue Ellery.