Sprinkler Systems In Domestic Properties

Posted on: 9th November 2011

Andrew George has signed EDM2379. Motion reads: “That this House notes the wealth of evidence showing that sprinkler systems installed in domestic properties reduce the risk of death and serious injury in the event of a fire as well as reduce the risk to firefighters attending such incidents; further notes that the downward trend of domestic fire deaths has begun to level off and numbers are likely to increase as a consequence of an ageing population; recognises that a modern approach is required to further reduce fatalities; congratulates the Chief Fire Officers’ Association and others who seek to raise awareness of the effectiveness of sprinkler systems in reducing fire deaths and injury, reducing the amount of water used by firefighters to control a fire, reducing environmental damage caused by fire, and reducing the economic cost of fire; and calls on the Government to review the current regulations with regards to the installation of sprinkler systems in new residential premises to ensure appropriate evidence is considered including the international evidence and experience of sprinkler systems, the likely impact on fire risk of an ageing population, the impact of sprinkler systems on firefighters and the environmental impact of a reduction in the size of fires.”