Brexit poll

So here we go again. Big Government defeat. But no solution.

Posted on: 14th March 2019

Brexit – that vortex where fantasy meets reality – has left the UK humiliated and facing perpetual torment. In my experience there are a small group of EU obsessives who live for nothing else. For them, having a never-ending debate about the UK’s relationship with the EU would be heaven-on-earth!

Of course it’s plausible that our future could even now be shaped for decades to come by an unsatisfactory Brexit compromise. A friendless-fudge, a second-best, lowest-common-denominator, least-worst, dogs-breakfast of a deal which leaves Britons with little more than the source of perpetual argument and plenty of selective evidence for the arm-chair finger-pointers of blame to milk for a century …or more!

Theresa May is now imprisoned in a job no one else wants, least of all herself.

Parliament cannot resolve this. The only way forward is to to put this sorry mess back to the people in a vote to make a final decision. A public vote – for either the only deal on offer or to remain.

Then, whatever the outcome, get on with it. Move on and get down to sorting out our NHS which is in an acute crisis, our schools which are struggling with serious under-funding, take the bold and urgent action necessary to address the climate emergency, and to work to create a genuinely fair society where for example desperately needed first homes come before second homes which are used for laundering wealth and for tax avoidance and much more. There’s so much that needs to be done but which is not being done because Westminster remains transfixed by Brexit…