Sleeper service needs investment. It’s already ‘saved’!

Posted on: 11th June 2012

Commenting on reports that the Penzance-London Sleeper service has been ‘saved’, the MP for Penzance and West Cornwall, Andrew George, said that “the Sleeper service had already been saved. It was part of the franchise specification. We won that campaign six years ago. What we want the Government to ensure is that it is enhanced and improved and receives the investment it deserves”.

In Mr George’s submission on behalf of his Liberal Democrat colleagues and himself for the consultation in March this year, Mr George called for a Saturday night service rather than the current six nights a week service and for an increase in carriages and berths available as the service is very often oversubscribed. He also said in his letter:

“The current level of demand on the service means that it should be further enhanced by providing more carriages and berths, thus increasing its patronage. The Sleeper service should also greatly benefit from an upgrade and refit with, for example, power sockets installed throughout.”

Mr George said: “If our beloved Conservative Coalition colleagues believe that by claiming that the Sleeper service is ‘saved’ the ‘job is done’ I’m afraid they’re mistaken. Claiming victory for something that is already won has caused raised eyebrows, to say the least.

“The truth is the job has only just begun and we need to keep up the pressure for the investment and enhancements users of the Sleeper service and other rail services deserve. Attempts to seek favourable publicity following the recent visit of the Rail Minister, Rt. Hon Theresa Villiers MP, are understandable, but they should be based on substance. We must not let up on pressure for the improvements and investment we deserve.”


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