Climate Change

Sir David Attenborough told the world this week “the collapse of our civilisation is on the horizon”

Posted on: 6th December 2018

If Sir David says it you have to sit up and take notice.

He’s right. Human actions over the last couple of centuries have helped tip the world onto the verge of catastrophic climate change. Unless we take dramatic action now. The prediction is evidence-based. A conclusion supported by the vast majority of respected scientists; acknowledged by all but the US President, a handful of fanatical deniers, conspiracy theorists and those with vested interests in the industries which contribute most to this problem.

In the hullaballoo of other distracting news, if David Attenborough can’t be heard then the fate of our world just looks too depressing to contemplate.

Governments must get serious about this. And so must MPs.
Because when you check the record ( you find our local reps have:
“voted consistently against measures to prevent climate change”, and
“voted against incentives to promote low carbon emission power generation”! (Odd they don’t put that in their press releases or publicity material…).

Sir David gets messages across where our top scientists fail to be heard. We must all do more.