“Shameful cuts will punish the low paid”

Posted on: 9th April 2018

The cloak of worrying news on Syria, Salisbury poisoning, Brexit etc is successfully used to bury the impact of the Government’s latest round of shameful cuts.

  • Some workers estimate they’ll suffer a 25% loss from Universal Credit changes. Meaning some may have to give up work.
  • Others could lose their homes through changes in support for mortgage interest. The Government saves money by helping to keep mortgage payers in their homes – not by paying of their debt, but paying just the monthly interest. It seems however that the Government would rather see them repossessed. And
  • Child Tax Credit changes could see parents opt for abortion rather than risk further poverty. Conservative MPs have successfully united the UK’s faith leaders (across all Christian, Islamic and Jewish churches)! Faith leaders recently blasted Government changes to Child Tax Credits warning that the Conservatives could force more women to have abortions.

Local Conservative MPs seem to prefer attending charity and youth volunteering events for soft self-promotional opportunities. But I hope they’ll find time to meet those affected by this latest round of cuts; cuts they’ve gleefully backed but strangely seem less willing to promote or be answerable for…