Euro elections – send a strong message – vote Liberal Democrat

Posted on: 17th May 2019

This election sees the strong return of the Liberal Democrats. It’s a golden opportunity – to send a strong message to Westminster.

The UK ia country of lions led by donkeys. This Government has turned the UK into the world’s biggest laughingstock.

The Conservatives have spent three years faffing and in-fighting. They offered multi-million £ ferry contracts to companies with no ferries. Their Brexit Secretaries resigned in protest at withdrawal deals they negotiated! Twice they’ve gone pleading to Brussels when they missed their own Brexit deadline. And, after promising it would be the “easiest deal in human history”, they have hardly any alternative trade deals (except with global superpowers like Faroe and the Pacific islands!). Now they want to ditch the PM, believing that changing the ship’s captain will get this project off the rocks before it’s overwhelmed and destroyed.

When we should be concentrating on the crisis in our NHS, in schools’ funding and on the climate emergency the Government is paralysed by indecision on Brexit.

Voting for the Liberal Democrats on 23rdMay will send the strongest message of all. We have a strong base here and have the best chance of winning and gaining European Parliamentary seats.

The only way out of this chaos? Put the deal to the People in a final confirmatory vote. If this happens I’ll campaign – as I did in 2016 – for the UK to Remain in the EU.

Please use this election to fight for what’s best for the UK. Help me send a message. Support the Liberal Democrats.