Second Homes March

Second and holiday homes in Cornwall

Posted on: 6th December 2018

Second and holiday homes in Cornwall will avoid paying nearly £100 million in tax this year. That’s my conclusion after analysing the latest stats I’d gathered on second home ownership. Nearly 7,000 homes which opt to pay business rates rather than higher Council tax have successfully applied for full rebate. A tax subsidy of £12.6 million alone. Then there are other tax efficient options for most of the 24,000 second/holiday homes.

It’s good to also have the support of local Labour councillors who now back my (Liberal Democrats) policy to introduce a planning register of second/holiday homes, so they can be better regulated and made to pay their way. Labour Ministers refused to back this when I asked them during their time in Government. So it’s good they’re backing it now. Tory Ministers also refused to back it.

The campaign is progressing well. I hope you’ll continue to support.