School Transport

Posted on: 25th October 2011

Andrew George has signed EDM2283. Motion reads: “That this House notes the cuts in school transport being made or proposed by many county councils and other local education authorities that will mean many parents especially mothers will find it impossible to work faced with now having to take children to and from school; believes this will particularly hit rural communities and make villages impossible to live in for many families; further believes this will cause congestion on roads that is bad for local businesses and the environment, will cause an additional financial burden to many working parents and will especially hit children who for entirely good reasons do not attend their absolute nearest school; further notes with grave concern that some councils are defining as `safe to walk’ roads withno pavements or step-offs, heavy traffic and travelling at 60 mph, and which in fact put children at risk; and calls on local authorities to review these cuts and the Government urgently toreview the legislative framework that permits these cuts to be made.”