‘Save our NHS’ campaign gets strong support in Penzance

Posted on: 4th July 2018

Health campaigners received strong backing from thousands of locals in Penzance on Saturday; supporting the case for proper funding to protect local services and hospitals.

The event which took place in the centre of Penzance also heard speeches from local clinician – Dr Rupert Manley – on behalf of many staff working in the service, Local Campaigners – Marna Blundy and Ailsa Johnson – and cross Party representatives – Labour Councillor Alana Bates and Liberal Democrat Parliamentary campaigner Andrew George.

The Penzance event was one of a number of number of 70th birthday of the NHS celebrations and protests around the country, including in London.

The Cornwall campaign is calling for “20% more funding for our NHS by 2020”. Campaigners pointed out that the recent Government announcement of additional funding wouldn’t come close to meeting the funding shortfall which is causing the biggest crisis in the NHS since it was created 70 years ago.

Organiser, Andrew George, said, “The Government’s announced funding increase will barely paper over the cracks. £4 billion extra next year and similar rises over the next 5 years will leave the NHS with a lower annual increase than it has received over the previous 70 years.

“This is a cross/non Party campaign. But Campaigners acknowledge that this Government left the NHS in the greatest crisis in its 70 years and do not know where the Government will raise the modest increase they have promised.

“If we don’t get this right Edward Hain will stay closed and the present worries about the sustainability of other local services and hospitals – including at Helston and Penzance – will grow.

“We were all very grateful to the local people for their support. Hundreds responded to our call to “Wear a bandage” to show support for our NHS. As well as collecting thousands of signatures in support of the “20% more by 2020” campaign, all of the many 70th Birthday cards were filled with compliments and appreciative remarks. These will be delivered to local hospitals and services on the 70th Birthday this Thursday 5th July.

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