Rug pulled from under disabled people

Posted on: 17th December 2012

West Cornwall MP, Andrew George, reacted strongly to news that Remploy management in Leicester had decided to sell the vacated Remploy factory in Long Rock rather than lease it to local charities to establish a sheltered training base for physically and learning disabled young workers.

Mr George had called on Government Ministers to intervene and to urge the Government supported agency to co-operate with the local community so that the Remploy factory closure – which took place in August this year – did not leave local disabled people with no alternative in its place.

Mr George said, “It’s hard enough for local disabled people, without this Government agency pulling the rug from under them.

First of all they close the Remploy factory and then refuse to give local charities the chance to do something themselves to help disabled people seeking work.  This could have provided much needed opportunities for hundreds of local disabled people.”