Road to St Anthony will re-open

Posted on: 12th February 2015



St Anthony resized

Andrew George MP pictured with St Anthony villagers


West Cornwall MP, Andrew George, has welcomed the decision of Cornwall Council to reverse its previous decision and to reinstate the Carne Road access to St Anthony; which has been closed since a landslip last Easter.  Cornwall Council had indicated that it wanted to downgrade the road to a bridleway, therefore meaning that St Anthony would only be reached by one single track road.

Mr George, along with representatives of the St Anthony Parish Meeting, boatyard proprietor Anthony Jenkin, and local residents have protested to Cornwall Council that such a decision would undermine the economy of the village, the viability of local businesses and St Anthony Church, and leave local people and visitors vulnerable when the only road to the hamlet becomes either unpassable or gridlocked with traffic.

Mr George said, “I am very grateful that Cornwall Council has listened to local people and have agreed to reinstate Carne Road.  Credit goes to all those local residents and all those who campaigned to have this vital road restored